Eat Junk, Not Food

The time has come that all of my good food judgment is not just tossed aside, but brutally thrown far, far away.

We are excitedly expecting a baby! Translation: food is my love and my enemy.

It's all that I can do to keep sane but scarf down these "quick and easy" fixes, for example, good 'ol Don Miguel rolled tacos and "grilled" quesadillas and the list goes on.

I'm sure many of you aren't aware of the paradox in our home: our joy of eating well based on earth's fresh goodness, while my husband pays the bills being a food broker, representing many food companies and many items like frozen burritos, Hot Pockets, frozen parfaits, tortilla and "cheese" wrapped hot dogs, frozen hamburgers--bun and toppings and all, calzones, breakfast sandwiches... you get the picture.

If you haven't caught on yet, everything he represents is for convenient stores: you know, for people that want something hot while they run in to pay for their gas. Not only is it his job to represent the food, but our refrigerator often fills up with these frozen, instant meals/desserts.

As long as I've fought the dignity of having this "junk food" in my house, now its coming back to haunt me--and boy is it winning.

Thank goodness for the blog's sake this personal dilemma should pass over the next couple months, until this morning sickness is through. But stay tuned--meat, cheese, and plenty of sweets will definitely be featured over the next couple months, just hopefully made from my kitchen without an ingredient statement a mile long.

For the record, my (pregnant) sister and I finished off a box of these "delicacies" from Don Miguel yesterday. If you, too, are pregnant and craving, you know where to find me.