early registration!

Good morning!  I'm happy to announce that early registration for the Yoga for Congo Women event right here in Carlisle, Pa., is open!!!!  Please register if you live on the east coast.  For you out-of-towners, there will be a grand prize for the furthest traveling participant.  And early registration means a lower registration price for you and guarantees your choice of t-shirt. Remember all of the proceeds to your registrations go directly to Women for Women International. We want this to be the biggest Yoga for Congo event yet.  Pass this on to friends.  Car pool to Carlisle, Pa., together.  Make an event of it!

This will be an experience to remember.

This has been quite the experience or highs and lows for me in hosting this incredible event.  There have been many things I've needed to do out of my comfort zone to find sponsors, a venue, etc., with the busyness of my life.  And yet, the more that people give of their time and means, the more I see the power of this event and what it is doing for others.  It changes you.  It changes the women in the Congo.

I can feel the excitement and energy of the event.  I can feel it in my town, as more and more people are coming together for the cause.  I'd love to meet many of your readers at the Yoga for Congo Women event!  And remember, you don't need to know yoga to help in the cause.  It will be one hour of spiritual awakening as we come together for those women in suffering.

Check out the most recent Yoga for Congo Women video and see the most recent event's photos here.