early mornings


How is daylight savings going in your home?  Mornings sure start early over here.

I find myself looking for me time again since it definitely isn't happening in the morning.  Precisely when I begin sneaking out of bed is when half drowsy children begin bounding in the room.


That is one of the hardest lessons to learn in mothering--that of adjusting constantly, even when you've finally figured something out.

 It keeps me on my toes and always aware of my children.  In simple words, flexible for change, whether I want it or not.

With Annabelle ending naps (Ainsleigh, you win the prize for keeping them going), there are little changes that need making.  Initially, they always stress me out until I finally decide to act on creatively coming up with a solution, and then, magically life works again.  I guess it is these constant changes, like daylight savings, that force you to observe life; what works and what doesn't.


And so, another day, another week goes by with ideas waiting to be fulfilled. Maybe today will be the day.


the sleepy time gal