eager hands


I've been working on a little organizational project with my girls for the past week now.  (I'll be sharing soon.)  The project is intended to help me reestablish the rhythm of our day.  And so today, in sticking to our "project" I enjoyed a very much missed weekly moment with my girls: baking day.  Today was a little unusual, though.  Caroline and Johanna were determined to continue setting up their fairy house downstairs, fairy dust and all (my white polyester batting-- love it!), so there I was, two eager three-year-old aproned girls waiting for any task to be asked of them.

IMG_6519 IMG_6521

We pulled out books, I suggested ideas of what to bake, they agreed with literally every idea, and so the morning went.

My little girls are ready.  They are really ready for this.  

And so they stirred and combined, they listened to me explaining the difference between stirring and folding-- a few times-- and they were baking with mommy.


I'm reminded of the eagerness of a child to be given a job, a responsibility to show their strength, to test their ability.  I have been consciously looking for ways to encourage their hands and strength and heart lately.  They have followed Caroline and Johanna's paths for so long I can now see they are ready.  To be their own.


They put each pecan on the top of their [amazon_link id="0618015655" target="_blank" ]maple pecan muffins[/amazon_link].  For a while after the muffins were in the oven and as I cleaned up, they just sat, pleased at the chance.

 How thrilling and new the world must appear to them.  Let's see, in one day: running through the grass barefoot with a balloon tied to their wrists, discovering baby bunnies living in our garden and trying to lull them back to their side with dead grass and soft voices, getting a high-five from mommy after eating all of their sugar snap peas, and of course, making their first muffins all (well, partially) on their own...

Nothing will ever compare to childhood, will it?  The memories will always run deep within them.

the sleepy time gal