dry rubbed bread = heaven

IMG_9991 I know I shouldn't even be talking about bread, but it is still back and forth in my life.  Today it was in, so I wanted exactly what I wanted: my dry-rubbed artisan loaf.


I learned of it from my friend, Veronica.  She turned us onto our bread maker, the most incredible bread book, and recently, making artisan breads and rubs.

After the dough cycle finishes in the machine, we shape our loaf and let it rise again.   A simple egg wash, some decorative cuts, and then we're ready for the dry rub.


I love Veronica's mixture: equal parts brown sugar, rosemary, and basil.  Grind it and rub it all over the loaf.  Bake on 425 for approximately 35 minutes (for a 2 lbs. loaf).

IMG_9989 IMG_0003

The crust is pretty much out of this world.  Some of my kids peel off the crust and when they do, I swoop in and devour it.  The flavor is slightly sweet and pungent at the same time.  This dry rubbed loaf tastes great with everything.  Butter, jam, sandwiches, alongside dinner,


...and for toasted cheese.  I haven't explored too many other dry rub mixtures because all I dream of is this particular recipe.  Any suggestions of herb/spice mixtures to try?