dreaming of a room...


Some days I remember why we moved Annabelle in with her sister--for Rowan to have his own space someday.  His room is quiet except for the brief ins and outs of changing diapers when I'm upstairs.  The light fills his room perfectly.  Sometimes I'll take Rowan into his room and rock and nurse.  I'll sit in the quiet, undecorated room and just dream.  Of nothing too fancy but of something different and special for the only little boy in the household.

There is one corner of the room that I tend to get lost in.  It is the corner that is just right.  Fluffy clouds and raindrops and art from his baby shower.  The first boy thing I sewed for him while anticipating him.  And nothing more.  It is my favorite place to look while I rock and dream.

 I'm not the only one who sneaks in here for a quiet moment with Rowan.

I have spray paint plans and a few simple decorations in mind but nothing pressing, of course.  Rowan and Mommy and Daddy are happy close together in our room and there are too many things on the sewing-Christmas-gift-list right now to steal my attention.  Not to mention starting tomorrow with more rehearsals at the Hershey Theatre for our little angel.  That means packing up the diaper bag for the long haul.

Rowan hasn't complained. He'll be passed around by one and all.  Ahhh... What it must be to be a baby boy among many eager mothers and giddy little girls.

the sleepy time gal