drawstring treasure bags


If you haven't learned through my blog by this point how excited my children and I get with specific totes and bags for specific activities, let me tell you.  We love totes and bags that have specific purposes.  They make life a little more exciting.

When I saw this retro beach fabric earlier this summer, I was smitten.  I bought a few yards planning to come up with something to make for my four girls and niece and nephew for the beach.  Matching skirts and pants?  Dresses?  Drawstring bags??  Of course!  Drawstring treasure bags for collecting bits and pieces of the ocean to take home.

I knew my girls would love collecting shells, crab legs (boy do those stink!), live clams (those really stink too!), and rocks along the shore.  Everyone having their own bag would keep everyone's treasures a part and special.

I found this wonderful lined drawstring bag pattern in my [amazon_link id="1584799102" target="_blank" ]Oliver + S Little Things to Sew[/amazon_link] book.  Instead of throwing together a fast drawstring bag on my own, this pattern called for a bottom piece with matching casing for the top along.  What made the project a bit of a healthy stretch for lazy me was that the pattern made a large bag and I wanted a cute medium bag.

I committed to the project and used the book's pattern to experiment in making a smaller bag, and 6 of them at that.  I have to admit, although intimidating at first, the challenge became addicting enough to get me out of bed earlier than usual to finish the first experimental bag and move onto an assembly line to finish the rest.

I used a sturdy canvas for the bottom of the bag since I figured these bags would be dragged on the sand, in and out of water, and the likes by half of the recipients and the sturdier the better.  I found some awesome, nautical rope at the local fabric outlet for the drawstring itself and secured the ends with knots.  That is probably my favorite part, the rope ties.  And in case you're wondering, I solved the mixing up of the embroidered "A's" for Ainsleigh and Annabelle by assigning the older daughter, Ainsleigh (by three minutes), the upper case "A " and Annabelle, a little "a".

After a few days of our bedroom at the beach cottage reeking by keeping all the filled treasure bags on our dresser, we insisted the removal of crab body parts and living organisms inside shells out of the treasure bags.  Now that the bags are home, I believe the unanimous plan is to do something with paint for these apparently "drabby"shells.

the sleepy time gal