{The outcome of Caroline's "project time" one morning. Two families.  So many stories.}


{Summer preparations for two American Girl dolls. Towel and tote to come with visions of summer and the beach dancing in their heads.}


{Beautiful vintage ballet paper dolls with costumes.  The girls interpret their repertoire of ballet moves through the dolls. A brilliant way to remember what has been learned.}

Dolls--paper, wood, or fabric--it doesn't matter.


They can transport you to another place.  Another world.  Another time.  Are skilled where you are not.  Tell tales you do not.  Can live a life you cannot.

After 8 years of having little girls I am still fascinated by the intricate world of doll play.  It changes daily and yet, still is the same.  Children always experiment with newly gained knowledge in their play, testing it, trying it out, seeing how it works vicariously through another entity.

One of the virtues of being very young is that you don't let the facts get

in the way of your imagination.

~Sam Levenson

the sleepy time gal