Do Something

The news about Haiti has really humbled me, made me see how wrapped up in my little world I can get.

One moment you're moody about complaining kids, fussy babies, and traveling husband, the next minute you're reevaluating your whole existence, your healthy family, safe and warm home, and clean food, and abundance at that, in your cupboards.

Then you feel helpless. You feel distant from those suffering and yet, so close, as you have humanity in common, and with that, the ability to fall in love, to fail and succeed, to give birth, to find joy in the simple, to find hope in a new spring... and the list goes on.

And so humanity must act because of those precise commonalities. And so I ask you to do something. Spend a few bucks to make hygiene kits that are currently being sent to Haiti, donate money towards food, water, temporary shelter. Teach your children--about humanity, about giving, even if they are just pennies and nickels being saved up for a rainy day.

Do Something.