diy velvet elastic headbands + floral ballet ribbons


Page 1 It seems like an eternity since I've created with my girls.

Yesterday, with velvet ribbon, sheer ribbon, flowers, and hot glue, we did what we do best: made stuff.



Our goal: make new hair pieces for daily ballet-hair and attempt some velvet/elastic headbands for me and the kids, for everyday-wear.

It was our project of choice for our Monday morning "project time" together at the dining room table.


The ballet floral ribbons are so easy and absolutely stunning, as you can see on sweet Annabelle.  Using narrow ribbon, you hot glue a few clipped silk flowers onto the middle of the long ribbon. Three to four small flowers look best.  Make sure you've clipped the stems off of the flowers as closely as possible so they glue easier onto the ribbon.



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And the velvet/elastic headbands are even easier!  Simply cut a piece of velvet ribbon about 9-12 inches long.  (I cut some of my wide velvet ribbon in half--lengthwise--so it wasn't so thick too.)  Turn down the raw corner pieces and hot glue in place to create a taper.  Now hot glue one end of some elastic cording--about 5 inches or so--to one tapered down end of the velvet ribbon.

Try it on your head to see how tight you want the headband.  Now glue the other end of the elastic cording to the other side of velvet ribbon based on your head size.  Trim any extra elastic cording.

Now you have a headband for everyday, the gym, or some pretty little things for your girls!


(Annabelle and Ainsleigh looking up "jack-o-lantern" on my phone to know how to draw a face on their pumpkins.  Their new headbands matched!)

Let me know if you try out some new hair accessories!  I'd love to hear.


Just experiment by yourself or with your daughter/granddaughter.  It's fun to see what kids come up with.  Caroline made a handful of headbands with glued on homemade bows.  She was quite proud wearing one to ballet last evening.


You can slow layer narrow, sheer ribbon onto the velvet ribbon or hot glue little gems too.  Talk about a little girls' wildest dreams coming true--designing her own hair accessories!


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