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I just read an article in a magazine by Ben Silbermann, cofounder of Pinterest.  As a lifelong collector himself, "he hopes for people to gather inspiration on Pinterest and then get out there and live it," writes Ben.

I love that.

I know everyone uses Pinterest for different reasons.  For me, I only let myself pin things that are real possibilities now or in the future.  If not, I'd get too overwhelmed with what I should do, look like, or want.  Not good for me.

I pinned this wipe board a while back.  Since then, Bobby stocked me up with a few new frames from IKEA.  I never even went to the link when I made it and had forgotten that the creator of it used scrapbook paper and created her's as a menu board.  Either way, it inspired me and led me to creating my own, my own way. I used fabric and made it simpler.

Here' s quick little tutorial how to make a message wipe board using fabric.  Thank you Pinterest and Ben Silbermann for the inspiration and possibilities...


Message Wipe Board

fabric (try for a low contrasting, lighter fabric)



dry erase marker



If you are measurement-minded, measure the inside of your frame and then cut your fabric to that exact size.  If you are like me, lay the fabric inside the frame, eye it, and start cutting.  The fabric should fit neatly inside the frame with the mat and backing taken out.


Lay the fabric inside the glass of the frame and put the backing of the frame over your fabric and close up the frame.  See, mine isn't perfect since you can see a little fabric coming out on the back.  It doesn't matter.  It doesn't affect the front.


Now you have a lovely fabric frame message board.


We needed a message board in the kitchen next to the door to the garage for reminders.  You can hang yours but I simple leaned mine against the wall of the counter.


{Yes, I spruced up the metal utensil canister that has always added to the metal-appliance look of this counter.  I tied a little lace in the back and a few strips of this orange cotton thread I used to tie off the girls' horses.  Now my canister has personality.}


Now we have a message board.  No fears, I realize since I didn't take my own advice and wanted a higher contrast fabric in the frame that I need to get a thicker black dry erase marker.  It will then be easier to read.

I could use another one of these boards in my bedroom since many tasks and forgotten ideas come to me as I'm crawling into bed.


the sleepy time gal