{an excerpt from an email my father sent his children:} “Now is the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer by this sun of York…”


"...But what of the lingering discontent of the current, unchanged situations of life?  That is what can force the glory that is to become our summer!  It’s how we motivate ourselves on to a new and ‘contented’ circumstance.  It’s what we can find, or make, that changes the things that we see as out-of-our-control into what we can envision or dream.
Our choices are to either succumb to the status quo and trudge along with our current situation and maybe hope that another opportunity will come along that will be what we want, or, realize that we have the power to make our vision and dreams become reality.
I challenge you to look at your discontent. With what would you replace it that is a dream or vision of yours?  Think it through.  See the summer’s glory in it.  Determine the final outcome.  Get to work!"


Looking for "discontent" isn't hard to find because it is anywhere that I'm craving improvement and change.  Running.  Mothering my oldest child, with love and understanding .  Fitting things into our family's lives that are important, and so on.

It has actually been magical focusing on these things of discontent.

1. I have had glorious, satisfying days with my Caroline as I've made conscious changes in our relationship and how we roll during the day.

2. The frustrating discontent with my running (ironically I have a 5k tomorrow on our anniversary amidst this inner battle) has forced me to change up my route, when I run, and how I do it.

3. And lastly, I'm starting to take the important things I really want to do (like the mixes below) in my day seriously, and do them, even if it means giving each child a responsibility.


{Assorted packaged mixes that were finally put together.  It makes breakfasts exciting--more on that next week.}

What are you discontent with?  A relationship?  Your day's activities? Your confidence in yourself?

What are you going to do about it?

the sleepy time gal