annabelle's strawberry banana popsicles

We spent yesterday afternoon beginning to plan for a cross country road trip for next summer.  That definitely means there were maps in hand, videos of the Grand Canyon and desert greater roadrunners on my iPad, and lots of me talking (about my cross country road trips as a child) and the girls listening.

Within 30 minutes we learned how to hike in the desert, about desert animals, states that have deserts, and, without ever trying, got four girls totally mesmerized and intrigued by the concept of deserts.

Totally random isn't it--or is it?  Kids are naturally born to be curious, to learn, to want more and to find answers for themselves.  They love hearing of new topics/concepts and diving in.  They thrive on information and knowledge although they may not call it that.  We might consider their "learning" happening in a set timeframe with set materials but children wouldn't dare consider it so.

But you know all of this.  It's these moments that always reveal to this particular adult the magic of this existence, always revealed by young innocent ones: that of discovery.  

Watching my kids' unabashed desire to know more makes me walk away really wanting to emulate them.  Make time for the books I'm interested in.  The documentaries.  The places.  The dreams.  Search out the solutions for my problems.  Push and push some more until that desire is satisfied.

And so I'm taking a few child-like steps to being more curious to satisfy me.  Not my family, nor , my kids, but me.

From deserts to popsicles, my Annabelle made quite the summer-y popsicle recipe after the hot discussion of deserts yesterday.  Maybe your young ones might like to try them.

(FYI, our favorite popsicle molds of all time are the [amazon_link id="B0002IBJOG" target="_blank" ]Norpro Ice Pop Maker[/amazon_link] that makes 10 popsicles.)

annabelle's strawberry banana popsicles

makes 10

12 frozen whole strawberries

2 ripe bananas

1/2 cup greek yogurt

1 cup peach juice (or juice on hand)

2 TBSP hemp seeds

Add ingredients to blender.  Blend until smooth.  Fill popsicle molds and freeze.