decorating art with wrapping paper



Every Christmas my mother-in-law does something very simple to decorate her home for Christmas.  She learned it from her mother.  And now I've tried it in my home.


Do you remember this fall-inspired mantel?  It went from this to...



If you were to go into my mother-in-law's home you would see many of her paintings and frames covered in beautiful Christmas wrapping.  Once they are wrapped it is like a blank canvas.  You can wire a lit wreath, tape on Christmas cards for display, add a Christmas bow and ribbon to look like a gift, attach a felt advent calendar and so forth.  The wonderful part is that you can cover as many existing frames that are already hung in your home.  It changes things up and adds bold color to the walls.

Bobby's grandmother would simply wrap her artwork with foil and then add to them with Christmas cards for decoration.  With modern day wrapping paper, it can change any room dramatically, just for that one special month of December.

What do you think? Try it somewhere in your home!  Let the kids help you wrap their picture frames.  Just another no-cost, simple something to make your home a little extra special for this special time of year.