my living room wall: color and pattern


You've been along my side as I've worked room by room, to make our house feel like a home this past year and a half.  As I'm coming to love many of the homemade touches to these walls, our main living space, the living room, has always been last on my list.  Maybe it is because it needs to be functional and peaceful and welcoming, etc.

I've had a vision for bringing more color and pattern into this room, everything being based on my big turquoise painting.  I can't tell you how happy I finially am with this long wall that has hung a variety of things since we've livied here, and nothing that I loved.  So, here is the wall.


I gathered some of my favorite fabrics that would compliment the painting, and began sizing them in my Granny's old wooden embroidery hoops. The girls helped me lay out a design on the floor.


(The colors are actually more vibrant than the photos show.  WIth my external flash this morning, the colors look a bit gray.)  I found the two mirrors on clearance at Target a while back.


I had made the turquoise pillows some months ago in anticipation of the fabric wall.


What do you think?


the sleepy time gal