day breaks

IMG_2430 It is amazing how empowered I feel just from waking one or two hours before the world.  Before breakfast orders take place and small chatter fills these now, totally silent rooms.  I can hear the distant cars on the nearby turnpike.  The only light is from in front of me and the warm light from the lamp post out front.

When things get off track in my life, I always know the one thing I need.  Rising early.  My dad taught me that in my youth.  Most of my life he was up by 4 am, reading, exercising, sketching, watching the sunrise.  I never, in my teenage years especially, understood how he would choose that.  But now sitting in the stillness I understand.


Now as a mother the morning hours give me clarity with the things I want in life.  The peace and undisturbed moments are all mine.

What about you?  Where do you find your serenity?