croque monsieur, family-style


Good morning!

It seems that everything I posted about here concerning my disciplined eating this pregnancy has been all thrown out the window durning this trimester.  The problem this trimester is really quantity.  And I crave sweets, just to name a few.   But what is pregnancy without the struggle with how much and what to eat??

I have a family dinner to share that was quite satisfying, fast, and most importantly, the whole family enjoyed.  Here is my own Croque Monsieur...

Before I get to the sandwich making, here is our recipe we use in our bread machine for focaccia.  This or a ciabatta loaf are great for this recipe.

Our focaccia recipe comes from [amazon_link id="155832156X" target="_blank" ]The Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookboo[/amazon_link]k.  You can find the full recipe for your bread macine online here.

Add  ingredients to your machine (I replaced half of the bread flour with whole wheat flour) and set it on the dough cycle.

I just form two loaves with this recipe as if they were ciabatta loaves, long and thin. Let rise and bake according to the recipe.

Croque Monsieur, Family-Style



Focaccia or ciabatta loaf

deli ham

sliced brie

parmesan cheese

1 cup of milk

5 eggs

salt and pepper

fresh nutmeg

Grey Poupon

tomato (optional)

Gather your ingredients.

Make the egg mixture.  Add the eggs, milk, some shredded parmesan cheese, a pinch of grated fresh nutmeg, and salt and pepper to taste.  Beat together and set aside in a casserole dish.

Spread Gray Poupon sides of sliced loaf.  Begin layering with ham and brie cheese.  I added tomatoes to half of the loaf for those who like tomatoes.

Carefully place the loaf in the egg mixture to soak for a few minutes.

Now soak the other side.  I use two spatulas to transfer the loaf sandwich.

Set on a hot, buttered, skillet and grill.  Both sides.  Take off grill when the cheese is starting to melt and all of the croque monsieur layers are warmed through.

You can present the beautiful croque monsieur on a platter for your family and slice once seated.

Then you can slice the right size for the right child, with or without tomatoes as well.

To keep the dinner simple and fast, serve with fresh fruit, baby carrots, and chips and hummus.

Bon appetit!

the sleepy time gal