Create An Edible Still Life

If you've ever studied art history, you would remember the redundant studies on fruit as still life. Above Picasso, Manet, Van Gogh and, my favorite, Cezanne, turn the ordinary into artful masterpieces.

In our house, maybe because I am an art history major, I like to do the same, without all of the acrylic paint, that is.

It is tradition here that after buying produce we arrange the rainbow of goodness onto a white platter. (White serving dishes are best to show off food--think of all the fancy restaurants you've been to; they always serve on white dishes.)
The kids get involved in unwrapping each category of fruit and displaying it, while I make sure the more tender fruit/veggies are on the top of the arrangement. Fruit gets one platter, vegetables, another.

This simple activity does a couple things:

  1. it provides variety in shapes, colors, textures for children to explore
  2. on a beautiful platter it becomes a handmade centerpiece inspired by you and your children
  3. placed on a table within reach will invite children to pick their fancy for snack time
  4. it truly does become living artwork for your family to enjoy the earth's bounty year round
  5. being constantly exposed to vegetables allows you to cook them with less resistance from your children as they "bond" with them all day