crafted by hand: the christmas series

IMG_5389 It's almost the middle of November.  I've begun sneaking in some Christmas music into our day.  The inner excitement is growing for the wonderful season of Christmas.

In an attempt to focus on Christmas' true meaning, I'm beginning to act on my "Christmas giving plan" now so to not be rushed in a month in preparing the homemade gifts for my children, family, and neighbors.

And so the Crafted by Hand series of homemade, meaningful gift tutorials has began at the Sleepy Time Gal!


Today's homemade gift is part one (of two) of the All Dolled Up Set especially for girls ages 3-12.  This special gift includes a variety of everyday to fancy headband elastics, add-on clips, and a special carrying tote.

The younger girl who receives this will use the variety of hair accessories for imaginary play, "hair salon" play, and dress-up.  And yet, all of the accessories can be used for practical purposes out and about, for church, or for a quick hair fix by the Mama.

The older girl who receives this will have an exciting variety of hair accessories to use in her experimenting with "to match or not match" with her daily clothing choices.  As a pre-teen she'll love the little tote to keep her special girly things in one place.  Headband elastics are also perfect for the active girl who plays sports in keeping their hair back away from her face.

What you'll need to make the headband elastics:

  • stretchy ribbon (look anywhere--discount fabric stores, fabric stores, in your grandma's sewing drawer)
  • hot glue gun
  • sewing scissors


I bought a little of all of the stretchy ribbon I could find at my local fabric outlet.  Ask an employee to lead you in the right direction when looking for it.  Just start tugging on all of the fabric; it has to have some elastic in it, some stretch.

  1. Stretch some of the ribbon around a child's head (or even guess if the recipient's head isn't available--99% of the time you'll get the child's head size right basing it around your head or your child's head).
  2. Cut ribbon.
  3. Hot glue one end, connecting the other end.  Squeeze where the two ends meet.  Be prepared, it will be a bit hot on your little fingers.


Voila!  A headband made in one minute.



You can make thin ones, thick ones, fancy and everyday ones.


They can also be doubled up like this...


Or worn along with a pony tail, one of favorite little girl looks.  It keeps the fly-aways off their faces.


Once you've made a variety of headband elastics, you're going to need a tote whether for play "hair salon" or for the older girl's first haircare organizer.  Stick around for Friday's Sleepy Time Tip and you'll see the tote Caroline and I just designed and its tutorial.  It is an easy design and perfect to show off the contents inside.  Think vinyl...


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