cover your boppy


With some of you interested in covering your own [amazon_link id="B000KW5I6E" target="_blank" ]Boppy[/amazon_link] for an upcoming baby, I thought I'd share how I covered mine.  My Boppy is 7 years old.  How old is yours?  Boy, has mine been used and worn but it still is usable despite the faded, cheesy print.  I was definitely ready for an update.  Something hip and fresh and not so babyish.  I covered my Boppy with Amy Butler's Soul Blossom Temple Doors Deep Water cotton.  The fabric fit all the criteria and happened to be blue.  How convenient.

Boppy Cover Tutorial


1.  Lay your cotton fabric out, doubled and wrong side facing out, on a flat surface.  Lay the Boppy on top.

2.  Roughly cut the fabric around the Boppy leaving a good 5 inches all around the Boppy.  This just helps you see the shape of the Boppy to create a pattern.

3.  Pick a starting point on the Boppy.  Simply lift the fabric under that starting point on the Boppy up to the seam.  Wherever the fabric meets the seam add a 1/2 inch and pin that spot.  Do this around the entire Boppy.  You'll end up with the shape of the Boppy with an added 1/2 inch around.  

4.  Trim the fabric leaving about a 1/2 inch from the raw edge to where you just pinned.

5.  Sew along the pinned line you just created.  Leave about 10-12 inches open at the flat back of the Boppy so you can turn the cover inside out.

6.  Press the cover.

7.  Fit the cover to the Boppy.  See how well it fits.  Adjust stitches as needed by marking those places, turning the cover inside out again, and stitching .  I fixed a few places where it fit too loose and then refit the cover onto the Boppy until I was satisfied with the fit.

8.  Now with your opening, pin it closed.  You will achieve a nicer, finished look if you hand sew the opening closed.  It is really difficult to fit the Boppy, once inside the cover, under the machine to stitch.

Now you're finished!

Since the Boppy is filled with polyester, there is no need for a zipper or removable cover since you can throw the whole thing into the washer for routine cleaning. It is a simple sewing project that takes one good hour from start and finish.

This is a great project to have completed before baby comes.  It feels like a brand new Boppy to me!

the sleepy time gal