colonial days: part II


Rarely is a planned trip what you envision it to be.  Things come up (or in our case, Annabelle was sick the morning we were supposed to leave), plans are changed, and expectations shift.  And yet, despite initial disappointments, unexpected memories and experiences surprise you along the way, moments that you never could have fathomed.

We had a bit of both.

Surprisingly, the most memorable moments for me and Bobby were because of some yards of fabric I had spent a few days sewing, gathering together, and adding lace to.


After months of being consumed with everything colonial from books to projects to local day trips, I thought a period dress for each Johanna and Caroline would be a special touch for the trip to Williamsburg.  What I didn't predict was that it would transform their visit there.

IMG_1046 IMG_0887

They walked with grace, played the part, rode pretend horses (side saddle, of course), and pranced about as only a colonial little girl would.


I used the same dress pattern for each dress with some differences in the sleeves and lengthening the dresses as well.

Along with the dresses I made each girl a chiffon mop cap and scarf.  They had quite a ball with the mop cap as you can see.




Johanna's was definitely my favorite.  I think the sleeves made it (and the little personality wearing it).

Bobby and I saw a side of her that made me realize that she has gotten everything that we've read and talked about with colonialism.  Although she's only 4, she got it.  She played Lady Dunmore and chased the Redcoats and walked around like a miniature lady, posing while tourists took photos of her.


Somehow the dresses turned a difficult trip with toddler twins into a magical experience for two big girls.  I never would have expected it.


(Oh yes, they came as well.  500 trips and falls, tantrums, and the likes.  Thankfully they have a tender Daddy.)



(If you missed Colonial Days: Part I, see more photos of our trip here.)

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