There are a lot of clubs starting over here at the Shiffler home.

Letter of the Day Club

Craft Club

Explorer's Club

Journal Club

All of the "clubbing" kinda came out of nowhere.  As it happens with most things in a family, one club started and the uninvolved siblings had to start something all their own.  Annabelle and Ainsleigh who love to read letters and write letters all day started a friendly Letter of the Day Club with their dear little friend.  They get together once a week, with their club badges worn proudly on their chest (a must!), and get to draw, play, and create with a letter that week.  (We mommies plan each meeting.)  It's nothing fancy but absolutely thrilling for these two.

Then once Johanna and Caroline saw the coolness of club badges, they had to start a club.  So Johanna is now the president of her Craft Club, ready with badges and plans to craft and snack at meetings with a few neighbor girls while Caroline has plans with her Explorer's Club, with the addition of individual club cards.  (Caroline doesn't miss any details; laminated club cards with a detailed letter of the club's intent.)

And so this morning clubs are on everyone's minds.  Oh, the possibilities...

the sleepy time gal