christmas revisited: family

IMG_9229 One of the things I love about holidays is letting go of some of my responsibilities as a homemaker and thriving with family around.  For the past month, baking day, early mornings, and running (to mention a few) have not been priorities.  Yes, I've had Christmas-giving projects and such going on, but I've been anticipating the time when my husband would be around more.  When relatives would be coming into town, and when my carefully planned days and binder would literally be put on the shelf for a time.


Some of my favorite Christmas time moments were watching the girls pile up on Bobby.  For bagpipe videos on Youtube (after doing his almost perfect Scottish accent in explaining about their ancestors, the Gregors) and helping the girls build Lego houses for the first time.  It just felt special having him around during the ordinary moments.


{Johanna giving Jeshua kisses after he had been in Japan for two months.}


{The Shiffler family game of "Pounce", introduced to the family through Bobby's grandfather in the Army and only played when everyone is in town.} IMG_9157

{I love this.  My dad tenderly tickling Annabelle's hand after her nap.  A precious moment.}

I feel pretty special living relatively close to both sides of our families.  I love watching my children grow up with cousins that they look up to and grandparents that they can spend a day with and grow along side of.

Were you with family this Christmas?