christmas revisited: cloaks

IMG_9097 It is normal in our household for the girls' hooded bath towels to transform them into Mary and Joseph, a mother and father, Cinderella, little red riding hood, and so forth.

I fell in love with the idea of Magic Cabin's cloaks.  One night I decided I would make each girl one with some of my Granny's velour I had on hand.  So, without a pattern, I simply put together a cloak based on the design of their hooded bath towels, and lined it.  It wasn't at all the right fit for a cloak I imagined them running around the house and outdoors in.  So Joseph (Caroline above) received his very own velour cloak just in time for his special part of assisting Mary (excited Johanna) on Christmas Eve night.


For my second attempt, I enlisted the help of my mom.  With a pattern this time, we tried again.  To be honest with you, nothing went well with the cloaks.  Nothing.  (Sounds ridiculious, right?  I mean, they are only cloaks!  Try piecing together fabric pieces that are all miss cut.  Totally my fault in eyeing everyone's neck sizes.)

None the less, they were completed in time for Christmas.


Instead of velour, we used something I've never used before: flannel lined satin.  It feels good on the inside while clinging to their clothes and looks royal on the outside.  The hoods are roomy and the cloaks rest perfectly on their shoulders.  (An extreme improvement from the hooded towel approach.)

I hope these will be something that the girls grow with as they get older and their imaginations expand.


What was your favorite gift you gave?