christmas revisited

IMG_8852 There was one gift this Christmas that was talked about the most; a special something Caroline made for her Daddy.  As much as I begged, Caroline wouldn't let me reveal it via this blog until after her Daddy opened it Christmas morning.  (And we girls all voted that it would be the first present opened Christmas morning.)

Behold, the "Wes" doll.  Who is Wes, you might be wondering?  A brother Caroline hopes to have someday?  A cousin she loves?  A friend of her Daddy's??

Even better: Daddy's boss.  Although Caroline has never met him and has only heard his name, she decided this was exactly what Daddy wanted this Christmas.  She designed the body, we sewed it together, she gave him clothes, a name tag (on his shirt and pant leg), and a face.  (At least she had his family Christmas card photo to refer to.)

After seeing her rendition of him, I'm really hoping he really does dress like John Travolta in Grease.  At least on the weekends.


As the first of gifts opened on Christmas day, it was happily received.  We all made Bobby promise he'd show his boss.

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