christmas revisited

IMG_9190 Although the anticipation of Christmas is gone, I'm really so happy to now have some slow days to take in the last few days' events.  The Nutcracker still plays while the kids go from new books to twirling, happy to be staying put for now.  It was a wonderful weekend for us.  And yours?

I'm hoping this week can be a "Christmas Revisited" week on the Sleepy Time Gal.  I'm excited to share my favorite moments, photos, gifts, and memories with you all this week.

And how could I forget the 3 winners of the Red Thread Soap Co. giveaway?

1. Althea wrote,

"The soaps are a wonderful idea AND a great way to give back to women in need. I love shea butter so that one really sounds appealing to me although the gingerbread cookie sounds great also."

2. Kat Kirkwood wrote,

"Ohhhh I would love to win!!!!! I’m such a fan of yummy smelling soaps and I’ve only got ONE left! So I’m in need too :) Thank you for offering this giveaway!"

3. Marel Stock wrote,

"That apple cider one sound delicious!"

Congratulations to you three!  It will be like Christmas again when you receive your soaps in the mail.  So happy for you!

the sleepy time gal