christmas healing...



I'm feeling grateful for the little things in my life today.

December has been difficult for me.  What I thought were visual difficulties this fall (which is why I went in for glasses) have turned into constant eye/brain discord.  After bouts of vertigo, ongoing motion sickness, and what looks to be neuro ocular vestibular dysfunction, I have felt the exact opposite of peace and hope this Christmas season.

This morning, while Olive jumps on my lap to be petted and thoughts of the recent Nutcracker season are now only memories, I'm excited to just BE today.  I may get to bake gingerbread cookies with my kids or I may need to rest.  I may get to do some shopping or not.  I've seeing my days and moments in my days for what they are.

After letting go of my initial bitterness and trading it in for humility, I have been given exactly what I've craved: amazing strength in the moments when I need it most.  I'm reminded through singing around our piano of the Savior's birth why he came to earth and how I so need Him in my life now.  It really is the magic of Christmas, isn't it?   Not the tangible but the intangible.  The gift of the Redeemer's love, healing, forgiveness, grace, hope, and peace.  The promise that we can find healing, physically and emotionally, in this life.

I am feeling very much taken care of at the moment.  And that is all I wanted for myself this Christmas.


the sleepy time gal