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DSCF3524 I'm happy to share another update from the Boxes to Ishinomaki, Japan project that you from around the world have made happen.  Over the past few months that this project has been growing, I have been flooded with your emails about the incredible stories and experiences you and your families and neighbors have had in helping Japan.

I've heard from many of you that have involved your children's schools, your churches, and communities in the effort.  One of the most touching stories came from a good friend of mine, Megan, and her third grade class.

Here is the story in her words:

When I initially proposed the idea of sending boxes to Japan, I could tell the children felt something.  After I talked about what it means to give service and not get anything tangible in return I asked the class, "So what do you think?  How do you feel about this project?"  The class sort of went silent (which NEVER happens!) and the kids just had the biggest smiles on their faces and sort of whispered, "Good...we're so excited!"  The whole room was suddenly filled with excitement and enthusiasm.  I said, "Boys and girls, don't you feel so good?  That feeling is telling you that what we are doing is a good thing, and that our friends in Japan will really appreciate what we can give to them!"

I was so proud of my third graders for bringing in every single thing for our TWO boxes.  The kids really loved putting these boxes together, and I was so proud of them for raising $107 to pay for the shipping.  One little girl, Haley, went around door to door in her neighborhood and raised over $60!

It was honestly my most favorite memory and experience of my student teaching.


There are so many incredible stories like this.  I still get daily emails from people just hearing about the Japan project and wanting to send a box.

We're close to 670 boxes!!!!

Rie, my friend and contact to Sachiko in Ishinomaki, helped organize a local bake sale to raise money to send kits to children in Japan.  I thought you'd enjoy a few photos.

mission kodomotachi3 mission kodomotachi 1

mission kodomotachi

Thank you so much for all of your real involvement.  This is what life is really about.  It forever changes our hearts.


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