charlotte's house


Charlotte came into my life at the exact moment when I was questioning everything last year.  Everything meaning, the total non-mainstream decision to homeschool.  She was doing everything I wanted to be doing.  She gave me ground to stand on to venture off on my own path, the way I wanted to introduce my children to the world of learning.

Every time we are invited to her home for play dates, I  leave feeling so uplifted by her home.  All of the little details add up to an experience.  Her home isn't ostentatious, it isn't frilly, but it is simply just right.  The kind of just right that is a constant work in progress for my home.


There are little corners that just speak of childhood and its' process.




Her daughters' artwork hung on every space of wall.



I love that there are books everywhere.  Overflowing every shelf.


Little notes from little hands written to their Daddy taped up not to be missed coming down the stairs.

The walls speak loudly of all of the life lived within them.

What do you feel within your walls?