"change your life by saving hers..."

IMG_4036 Many of you know that my dear friend Ann, founder of Mommy Yoga and Yoga for Congo Women, and I have been planning an east coast event of Yoga for Congo Women for a few months now.  As it gets closer I'm really starting to get excited!  Posters have been scattered around this little town of mine in Carlisle, PA and last minute details are coming together.

If you're new to the STG, you can read a previous post here about what great impact YFCW can have on the lives of women in the Congo.

If you haven't registered online yet, please do. The first 35 people registered will receive a T-shirt --there are still some shirts available!  The cost to register is $24, or $25 on the day of the event.  Remember that all proceeds go to sponsor these suffering women through the Women for Women International program.  YFCW has already been able to help many women get back on their feet, provide for their families, and feel a sense of worth.

Yoga For Congo Women will take place in the beautiful and historic Carlisle Ribbon Mill, built in 1918.  The event is one hour of yoga (from beginners to advanced).  You will get to hear and learn more about what is taking place in the Congo and what you are doing to help through your contribution.  It will be an incredible hour.


If you live on the east coast, close to central PA, I do hope you will come and participate with us on Friday the 29th.  I would love to meet you!  Remember, register soon.


the sleepy time gal