chalk for the creative toddler: part 1

IMG_9055 It all started with Ainsleigh's "art" on my white walls.  The recurring art trend just wasn't working for our entryway.  And dining room and library.

Taking matters into my hands, I thought an isolated corner in her bedroom would be the perfect chalk corner for her creativity.


 Today, I'll share the chalk and basket.

First, the basket.  I've brainstormed for literally a few months trying to come up with a sewn basket, a sewn pouch that hooks on the wall, a sewn tote that could be taken down and hung again.  But what I was wanting never quite came together in my mind.

And then this came to mind: repurposing this cute little basket that had no real purpose.  It could do the job!  


Fabric Handle:

I tore three pieces of fabric into 14 x 2 inch pieces.  I tired a knot in one end of the fabrics to join them together.  Then, I simple braided the fabrics.  One more knot at the end of the braid to finish it off.


Then I simply hot glued the knots on the fabric handle inside the basket.


You wouldn't be surprised to know that the big girls now want a basket like this for playing doctor and one for the yard and one for their bikes...  I think it turned out quite cute and simple in its appearance.


Now for the chalk:

One morning, gathered around the kitchen island, each child made their own piece of our homemade sidewalk chalk.  We made new colors we've never tried before: blue, purple, and red.  After a day of letting them dry out at the window sill, we peeled them from their toilet paper rolls.

Voila!  New bright and beautiful chalk that the kids can really grip.  And feel proud that they made for the chalk corner.


See it all come together tomorrow!

the sleepy time gal