Essentials In My Gym Bag

I never had a gym bag before.

I used to walk into the gym or circuit training class with handfuls of all my "stuff" and lay it out in a pile somewhere.  

Once I got my act together and realized that forgetting some of my workout essentials was affecting my performance, I decided to finally resolve my lack of organization.

I found this small Kavu Keepalong Bag to make my life easier without being unnecessarily big.  

Here are the best workout/performance items that now are a must for me...

NUUN Electrolyte Enhanced Drink Tabs

These are the coolest tablets for hydration!  (They also alleviate cramps + increase muscle function.)  I love that they are low sugar (less than one carb), no artificial sweetener or coloring.  

These tablets are awesome for running, biking, swimming, and any high energy activity.  I just keep one flavor tube in my bag at a time which keeps my hydration nice + lightweight.

Halfway through my lifting + circuit training workouts, I drop a tablet into my water bottle, wait for it to dissolve, and drink.  It totally replenishes me when I need it.  (And is absolutely essential being pregnant since pregnant women become dehydrated + lose electrolytes at triple the rate of other women.)  And they taste great without being super sugary.

(I get these regularly with a discounted price through Amazon's Subscribe + Save program.)

My beloved jump rope.

I have gone through many jump ropes in my lifetime.  I recently discovered this excellent cable speed rope by Amsana that is very reasonably priced ($10.50).  You adjust it when it arrives in the mail to your height and preference and it comes with it's own little tote.  

This cable speed rope is very durable , simple in its design + comes in many colors.

I used to warm up or cool down by doing HIIT jump rope.  Now that I've got a baby bump, I warm up at the gym on a stationary bike.  (Can't wait to be able to jump rope in the fall!)


In the small pockets:

-Car keys + both gym tags

-Back up hair elastic + bobby pins

-Lip balm (I love Young Living's Natural Cinnamint essential oil lip balm)

-Natural hand sanitizer (I like Young Living's Thieves Spray--I spray my hands once + rub them clean instead of using anti-bacterial gel)

Nordic Lifting's Wrist Wraps + Lifting Straps

I can't imagine lifting weights without wrist wraps + lifting straps. 

I use the wrist wraps when I'm working my upperbody + back.  It's much easier to grip dumbbells + more secure to do bench presses when my wrists are supported tightly.  

I use my lifting straps to secure my hands to the bar when I do deadlifts + when I do wide grip + narrow grip pull-downs. When my grip begins to fail first in these particular lifts the straps take the pressure off of my slipping grip + bind me to the bar so it's much easier to finish each rep.

I LOVE these aids in lifting weights more comfortably + safely.

Last bits + pieces:

-My phone (sometimes I listen to a book through Audible, other times I review motivating notes taken from those books)

-simple phone armband (I go in seasons whether or not I have something I'm listening to or just doing my workout routine with my own thoughts)

-small notebook + pen (My best ideas seem to come in those early morning hours when I'm in my own world at the gym.  I always have thoughts + ideas I don't want to forget.  Here's my simple mini notebook tutorial if you want to make your own.)


There's my little packed gym bag.  I bring my big water bottle along with me everywhere and so it always accompanies the tote.

I definitely make the most of my time growing a healthy body with the physical, intellectual, + emotional needs taken care of in one small tote.  

You can create the IDEAL experience when you are running, hiking, doing yoga, etc., as well from being prepared with the tools for growing every part of yourself.

Go out + live boldly!