Catching Up

Wherever I turn, Annabelle has beaten me to it: lunch crumbs on the floor, hair barrettes barely in reach under the couch, and discovering the bottom step of the staircase. It never was this way.  I mean, Annabelle, in our minds was going to be the slower of the twins based on her beginnings on this earth.  She was weaker in most ways in the beginning and middle of their journey.  It was a miracle at all that she eventually learned to nurse after months of struggle from feeding through tubes and bottles at the NICU.

And now look at her: leading the pack in every one of the motor skills.  She is in constant motion and totally loving being where the action is.  And then there's Ainsleigh, whom Bobby affectionately calls the Couch Potato, because she is perfectly content lying on her back, playing with the same toy for quite a while.

I would of never believed that identical twins would have such differing personalities, strengths, and weaknesses.  There is still so much to learn from them.

I've been reminiscing so much lately about this last (almost) year of their lives and directly, my life because of it.

Now comes the fun part: prepping for A and A's upcoming first birthday.  Totally hard to believe.