Cardboard Box Christmas

It's hard knowing how much to really get into Christmas this year. How much to decorate, how much to pull out from the Christmas bins in time to turn around and pack it all up again. At this point, we're even contemplating a tree.

We'll be leaving yet another home this year. My usual day dreaming of hanging stockings and Christmas morning seem clouded with visions of boxes around every corner on that anticipated day.

But this is a good move; a very good move. A mile away, the same jogging route, a much larger space to make life easier for all of us. My mind hasn't thoroughly wrapped around the idea of another move, though. I'm sure it will hit right about the time that the Christmas holiday and its festivities pick up--"Oh right, I should be packing!"

After two moves already this year, you'd think we'd be good at it. Throw two babies in the mix and you've got the most memorable New Year's ever.