cake night

IMG_9091 Here is a pictorial step by step process to making homemade fondant and covering a cake.  My good friend and cake decorator, Elizabeth, wasn't in town to guide me like she did the last cake, so there were definitely some hard lessons learned.  Like not using a dark icing under a light colored fondant icing.  There you go, your first tip, at my expense.


{crumb coat}


{cut out cardboard base for each cake}


{homemade fondant: one bag of mini marshmallows and 1 lbs. (plus more) of powdered sugar}

  1. Melt marshmallows with 1 TBSP of water.
  2. Add sugar gradually by hand or with mixer just till the perfect consistency--soft, subtle, not sticky.
  3. I add a flavoring, like pure vanilla and my food coloring while I am mixing.
  4. Knead the fondant.

IMG_9077 IMG_9083

{roll out fondant on powdered sugar surface}


{drape on cake}

IMG_9102 IMG_9106

{smooth with palms and fingertips}

IMG_9108 IMG_9118 IMG_9122

{carefully trim}

IMG_9125 IMG_9136

{insert support--dowels, lollipop sticks, whatever is handy}


{the final moment--topping the first cake}


{Decorating the cake--ribbon, candies, and miniature dolls I found deep down in the bottom of the toy chest. A little vinyl tablecloth fabric and permanent marker and Voila, Johanna.}


Any resemblance to the dancing Kathy Selden?