buttons as gifts: for girls


Covering buttons is extremely addicting.

It all started with these fabric covered buttons for hair elastics for my girls.  We still use them everyday.

I thought covering buttons would be the perfect Christmas gift solution for the many nieces and nephews and little friends.  If only I could try something new.  And we did, quite excitedly.  Here's the first in the series of button gifting for everyone on your list...

So, you already know about covering buttons for hair elastics.  All you need to cover a button is a metal button, the metal button backing, and a button tool to snap the fabric snugly around the button.  To make our many hair elastics I bought this $5 PDF tutorial to learn the simple trick to connecting the covered button to the hair elastic.  Definitely worth buying.

(I get my standard metal buttons and the tool from Sunbeam Button Supplies for really cheap.)

Why not throw a few hair elastics in a set with a matching ring for a special little friend?  That's just what we did.

All little girls love matchy matchy.  This is a perfect gift-- something for their hair and something for their little ring finger.  The sky is the limit when you try out different fabrics for the set.  Some rings can be frilly while others can be made a bit more grown up.  It all depends on the fabric you choose!

And some rings can be just for grown ups.  For friends and sisters and everyone in between that likes a bit of style.  (I love this ring!)

 The process is simple for a button covered ring.

1. Cover a standard metal button with your scrap of fabric using the instructions of your button covering tool.  (You pretty much just snap the fabric around the two button pieces with the rubber tool. )

   Use flat backed buttons for this project compared to the buttons for the hair elastics.  It will make it much easier to simply adhere the ring flush with the button.  You can find flat backed metal buttons at many etsy shops.  (These are ours.)

2. Using a strong adhesive (we use Krazy Glue found at any craft store), adhere the flat back of the covered button to an adjustable ring with glue pad.  Since the rings are adjustable, rings can be made for kids and adults alike!  Once the glue dries (follow adhesive instructions) they are ready to be mounted into the ring slot of a homemade jewelry card.

(After comparing prices, Cover Button City and Sunbeam Button Supplies  have the best prices on etsy for all of our button supplies.  That includes the button supplies needed for our other button projects to be revealed tomorrow.  And they had speedy service if you're looking to make some button gifts before the holidays.)

Presentation is so much fun with these adorable rings.  Be creative with text, fonts, handwriting, and so on.  I chose no text on the jewelry cards for the adult rings.  It made the ring stand out as a piece of art--something that needed no words.

(More details on how to make ring slots and homemade jewelry cards tomorrow.)

It is such an exciting little set to give.  The sets that aren't already assigned to a specific niece or little girl friend will be thrown into a basket.  Then when one of my girls remembers she wants to give something to so and so, she can simply pull something special and colorful and homemade out of the basket for a friend.

What girl wouldn't love a set?  Or a simple ring on its own?

 I love how colorful the sets are.  The sets can be added to by more elastics and rings if you wish.   And have your kids help make the sets and put them together.  They can help cut fabric, snap the buttons together (they love seeing it turn into a covered button!), and assemble sets for their cousins, friends, and teachers.

I can't wait to give them away.

Now for tomorrow: buttons for boys and men.

the sleepy time gal