buttons as gifts: for boys


I was really relieved to come up with a button gift for our boy-friends--the little boys, daddies, uncles, teachers, and friends that we love.

The first button gift: cuff links.

Cuff links for a man are like earrings for a woman.  It is their only real coordinating piece they can wear that is the most like jewelry to women.

Bobby wears cuff links every Sunday to church.  He only has a few pair but boy are they expensive.  (I guess he could say that about women's jewelry!)  We made ours for him for about 50 cents a pair.

We made neutral, nicely textured cuff links out of wool and other blends of fabric we had.

Cut your scrap of fabric, use your covering button tool to cover the button, and then you are ready for the cuff link itself.  Make sure you use the flat backed button for this project.

We bought our cuff links at Cover Button City.   They sell silver plated cuff links that are beautiful and solid.

With your strong adhesive (we use Krazy Glue), glue your flat backed covered button onto the gluepad of the cuff link.

That simple.

Variations on the homemade cuff link:

  • draw a small design or have your child draw a design with fabric markers on white fabric and use that fabric to create the covered button
  • try wild fabrics for the buttons of the cuff links for zany personalities
  • experiment with different fabrics: silks, satins, wools, linen and so on

The second button gift for boys are tie tacks.

I love seeing little boys with miniature ties especially when they are wearing a tie tack.  (To think that someday little Rowan with wear a tie!)

Cover a flat backed button with your favorite fabric and then adhere it to a tie tack  with a clutch back.  They'll be a hit!  That simple.

You can see how different tie tacks look on the same tie:




Then package them.  I like simple best.  "Hi.  I'm a tie tack."  That works for me.

I like this 3/4 inch button size for children's tie tacks.  You can use the same size button or a larger one for a men's tie tack.

I have one last button gift for next week where I'll show you what we did for the homemade jewelry card.  I'd love to hear what you might be scheming for Christmas gift giving.

This morning I'll be doing Caroline's hair for her part as an angel in the Nutcracker.  I'm told it takes 3 hours to do--and this is just a practice run of the hair.   This is just the beginning.  Real rehearsal start next week.

Happy weekend, friends!

the sleepy time gal