buttons as gifts: pins and more


I can easily say that button pins are my favorite button gifts in this series.

They use larger buttons and can be quite bold and fun.  They are substantial in and of themselves to give to friends, both old and young.  I think you'll agree... 

{Pins add excitement to vests and tops for boys and girls}

{pins add a splash of color to winter coats}

{pins add the perfect touch of detail to dresses}


 I liked making the jewelry cards for the pins the most as well.

Here's how we made our homemade jewelry pins:

1.  Have the kids make art with watercolors.

Using nice, thick watercolor paper, let the kids create.  Some of my children created beautiful color washes.  Others painted pictures with people and animals.  Either approach turns out perfect with making jewelry cards.

2. With decorative scissors, trim the watercolored paper into small squares and rectangles.  

3.  If you made a ring, cuff link, tie tack, or pin, create an opening to slip the item onto the jewelry card.  

With an exacto knife on a cutting board, cut a horizontal line onto the card.  It should be slightly longer than the item you are slipping into it.  Then cut two short vertical lines on both sides of the long horizontal line.  (See above.)

(For hair elastics, you can simply wrap them over the thick card.)

 This is what a pin's slot looks like.

That is it.  Slip the items into the cards, write on them, personalize them.  Have fun.

If you have leftover buttons from any of these projects you can always use a strong adhesive for barrettes...

And earrings.  (There are a pair of pink ones above.)  These are the posts and backings we used.  A perfect gift for a little one who just pierced their ears.

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Happy buttoning!!!! 

the sleepy time gal