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Good morning!


I've been over my head in end-of-the-year homeschooling requirements for our state (it's all completed now--ready to be handed over to our evaluator today!) and ballet rehearsals and performances now and over the next few days.  I'd say I'm feeling a little unnerved this morning until we get out of the door but hopeful for the rest of the busy day.  I have lunches to pack for the crew, yogurt parfaits to serve up once everyone is up, 50+ library books to find in every nook and cranny (I'll let the kids do that), clean ballet tights to find, "dog ears" hair (or puppy dog ears) to do for my performers, and a long list of things to pack for a day (rather days) running around with the five kids.


And with that, have a great week!  (And wish us luck. :) )


the sleepy time gal