bumper pad pocket tutorial

Sometimes when I need a solution for parenting a child, I find it by means of sewing. This time around: bedtime, bedtime, bedtime.


While one child is ready to hit the sack at 7:30pm, her roommate talks, sings, shouts, and requests anything and everything she can think of to pass the time. My solution: special books in bed that she can enjoy to quietly let sister fall asleep (and keep her parents sane.)

The bumper pad pocket lets me fill it before bedtime with books and remove books before naptime, as to not distract her when she is tired.  As a toddler, Johanna loves the activity of seeing what books are there for her each night and having her own special place to find them.

What you'll need to make your own bumper pad pocket:

standard bumper pad

fabric scrap (a long rectangle)

bias tape

contrasting thread


1. Lay out your bumper pad.  Decide the length and height you want for the pocket.  I chose making mine the length between two of the vertical bumper pad seams.  Fold over your fabric so it is doubled for durability and cut to size, leaving 1/2 inch seam allowance on each of the short ends.


2. Enclose the top of the pocket (the two raw edges, length of the pocket) in your bias tape.  Sew.


3. With each of the short ends, fold under 1/2 inch and pin the short sides and bottom to the bumper pad.


4. Work the bumper pad into place under the machine's foot to sew the three edges.

IMG_5310 IMG_5315

5. Choose a place to sew a vertical seam to create two pockets.  I made a large and small pocket.


Johanna's bumper pad, working wonders for us these days.


I thought you'd like to see one more variety: Ainsleigh's pockets.  (Hey, we have three cribs in use in this house.)


Her pockets are shorter since little board books wouldn't need the height Johanna's books would.  One book and one simple toy to wake up to.  Her pocket serves a completely different purpose.


It is pleasing in the mornings when I know she has discovered them, as both are out of their places and strewn out on her crib.  Little discoveries, happy mornings.

the sleepy time gal