boxes to japan... for Christmas!


Good morning, friends.  I have so much to say this morning, I don't know where to begin.

Let's start with my friend, Rie.

As many of you remember, she has been our contact to Japan for the Boxes to Ishinomaki project all this year.  With three contacts in Japan, we were able to involve people from all around the world to ship 700 boxes to the most devastated places in Japan earlier this spring.  All I can say is thank you everyone.

All this time Rie and her Japanese friends here in central PA have been organizing bake sales, involving local schools to raise money, and working hard to earn money to send to their home country.  I am happy to say that Rie and her Japanese Relief local group has raised $16,000 for Japan!

The funds have recently been sent to Mr. Oikawa from the non-profit Be 1 Project organization in Japan. (He was our contact for shipping boxes to Sendai). There was a council gathered to decide how to best use the money and the conclusion was to build a boat waiting room for Nonoshima island, Miyagi.  The island has had almost zero help in rebuilding after the earthquake and travel by boat is the only way island people can reach the main land.  Because of the earthquake, this island has sunk and the high tide continues to flood parts of the island.  After over 8 months, this island still doesn't have any super markets or stores.  Apparently the Japanese government hasn't been able to assist this island yet. Now it is beginning to snow as winter approaches Japan.

This is Nonoshima island now:

nonoshima16 nonoshima13

nonoshima3 nonoshima1 nonoshima24 nonoshima29

And now for the exciting part.... let's send some boxes to this island for Christmas!

The boxes will be shipped to the Be 1 Project to be delivered to this island.

 If you'd like to put together a box during this special time of year here are some ideas:

non-perishable food

Christmas treats (candy and such)

filled stockings

Instead of needing to email me to retrieve the delivery address like before, I will list it below since it is a non-profit organization's address.  I would really love for you to drop me a line in the Contact section if you are committing to send a box before Christmas just to keep tally.

Please send your box to:


C/O Be I Project

Good Speed garage

127-5  Nihonmatsu, Gamou-aza, Miyagino-ku,

Sendai, Miyagi  983-0002


The Boxes to Japan--Christmas Project will end December 25th.  Please send your boxes before then.

Lastly, for you locals, one last Bake Sale (organized by Rie's local Japanese group) will be held this Saturday, December 2nd, at the Carlisle, Barracks here in Carlisle, PA to raise money for this island.  Please come and support their cause if you can!


Well, I am so thrilled. My girls are so excited to put a Christmas package together to brighten some families' lives this season in Japan.  I hope you can help and we can unite together again!

the sleepy time gal