Books are the engine that drive our family's exploration and learning.  They are what capture Johanna's heart as she dives into some unexplored culture or time period.  (Greece and greek mythology at the moment.)

As I glued in new book plates yesterday and kids pulled out all of our books to discover who owned which book in a sort of guessing game, I overheard Caroline proclaim, "I love to read!"

Once a child can read the whole world now as it is and its entire history is for the taking.  A child's mind is opened to ideas, knowledge, creativity, imagination.  And that child is then empowered to love and learn and discover anything in their path.


I'm pretty excited today is library day.  With Rowan in the stroller and the largest canvas sack we own in tow, we load and load and load it until mama says enough.  And then we return home and all is quiet while little hands silently flip page after page of their own hand-picked selection.  It is always a peaceful and exciting moment together.

What are your children excited to read right now?

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the sleepy time gal