Yesterday the big girls decided to do a little rearranging in the art room, to turn it into a "quiet room".  What mother wouldn't approve of a self-made quiet room?  As the evening rolled around, we found ourselves in the oddest of predicament.  A flash flood in the backyard that swept away the girls' play house and picnic table and me with another pregnancy migraine.

Honestly, the more women I talk to, the more I realize how valiant women are in the carrying of children.  Yes, I know it has been going on for centuries, but some women I know are sick the entire pregnancy, some get migraines all the time (thankfully not me), some risk their own health, and on and on the list goes of difficult ailments for so many women.  I feel the proudest of my own gender when I am pregnant myself.  I love wondering about my own great grandmother who had 10 children during the Great Depression.  Or many of my friends who have suffered from miscarriages and then, bravely trying again, prepare their hearts for what may lie ahead.  Such boldness in so many women I know.   Incredible boldness.


So today, as I walk into my ultrasound appointment, I'll be sporting my dark sunglasses (for my migraine) and thinking of you bold women.  For all the random, meaningful, sometimes silly things we women do to get through a hard pregnancy...

I'll be back tomorrow with some news!