bits and pieces

Dear friends, there seems to be so much to talk about on a rainy morning as I sit in my pajamas.

  • We're steadily working on giving this space a facelift.  Don't you love this font?  Bobby is installing it for some of the text on this site.
  • Our beautiful raised beds are getting lots of rain this week.  It is a shame there are no seeds benefitting from the rain.  Oh well, they are actually up and filled.
  • Hearing the girls play upstairs this very second.  Caroline answering the knock at her bedroom door to Annabelle, "Have you stopped crying? Have you stopped stealing money?" I just heard a 'yes' and thankfully, Annabelle was welcomed in.  Have no clue what they are playing....

  • Not being able to get my mind off of next week's (next week's!) finding out about the baby's gender.  Who would think that with each child it would become more and more exciting??!!
  • Preparing some very exciting projects to share in this space from home organization to sewing to baking.  All coming this and next week!
  • Speaking of baking, I have a little surprise for you all tomorrow...

the sleepy time gal