This year we've found ourselves celebrating our summer birthdays around family.  A special dinner and birthday dessert for Caroline and Johanna, each on their respective day.



My oldest turned six years old the day we returned from the beach.  She knew I had few ingredients (without milk and such after being gone for a week!) and winged a few things for her dinner, but she was all smiles and "thank you's".  So like my Caroline.


Two days later, yesterday, another celebration for my four year old Johanna.  (Do I need to mention that she barely touched the meal she requested??)  A tablecloth, leftover colored napkins, and straws made her feel quite special.


Their birthdays were quiet and simple and they both knew that they would be opening one special birthday gift together.   It was something that grandparents chipped in on and profit from the girls' toys sold at a yard sale went towards.   (More on our new approach to toys and their gift tomorrow.)


Let's just say that the girls are quite busy playing "house" these days. I love it.

the sleepy time gal