a birthday bag



With this being the onset of outdoor birthday party invitations (there's one this weekend), I thought I'd share one of our simple birthday gifts we like to give to little friends.  It is our birthday bag.


The bag itself is a simple drawstring bag that we make from one of our special fabrics.  (This particular bag was for the girls' cousin, Isobel, with some of my all time favorite fabric, Sarah Jane's Children at Play.)  I like to use wide coordinating ribbon as the drawstring itself.

You can make the birthday bag and its content fit the personality of the birthday boy/girl.  Here are a few birthday bags we like to make:

The little artist bag-

The summer sun bag-

You could have fun putting together a nature bag with a sketchpad, binoculars, and identification cards.  Or a dinosaur bag with dino books, miniature dinosaurs, and air-drying clay for them to make their own dinosaur footprints.  The sky is the limit-- any theme is fun to put together in a birthday bag!  And choosing the drawstring bag fabric then becomes that much more exciting.


And speaking of fabric, I have some awesome news tomorrow with an even more exciting fabric giveaway!  Believe me, you won't want to miss it!

What would you fill in a birthday bag??

the sleepy time gal