better late than never

IMG_4771 Now I have a matching set, just like my Ainsleigh and Annabelle.

Ainsleigh's soft book is finally completed.  The idea was that these were to be their first birthday gifts.  Annabelle got hers on time, Ainsleigh's been waiting.  Six months, that is.

I love Ainsleigh's cover fabric.  It was from a cut-out blouse I never finished in high school.  (I'm noticing a trend here...) And better yet, my mom made a mini skirt from the same fabric in the 60s.



(Johanna's contribution)


(In Caroline's words and recollection)


The babies (I guess I should stop calling them that) go straight for the little dolls of themselves.  Learn from my mistake; don't use water soluble printing fabric for the tutorial, especially if your baby puts anything and everything directly into their mouths.  That is why the dolls' faces are a bit washed out.  (I edited that part of my tutorial.)


A happy scene.  Ainsleigh getting to enjoy her own special book all about her.  Good heavens, for all of the months I've read her the Annabelle story, I'm sure she's quite mixed up now.

the sleepy time gal