being more childlike

Having children definitely has taught me to go with the flow.  I'm far from perfect and times like yesterday gently remind me. The Ugly Duckling play we threw together lasted a whole 5 minutes.  Bowing, encore, and all.  Sometimes I envision what I want from an experience without thinking through the brain process of a child.   I wanted elaborate and complex while the girls were satisfied with blurbs of gluing beaks together, watching an old Ugly Duckling Disney rendition, and listening to me ramble about Andersen himself.

They were satisfied with dressing up and shyly rehearsing lines and then moving onto "what's for lunch?"

I guess the longer I surround myself around children I'll start thinking like they do, which is a good thing for my personality.

Do what you like, when you like to do it and when you're done, move on. Isn't that how kids jive?

On a side note, I started cutting and layering today while getting over my adult-ness from the morning.  I'm not thrilled with the fabric--I'm hoping for something a bit fancier and less, well, Granny.  This is Granny's old fabric, like most of mine, but it screams casual 70's suit.