being honest with change...



"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."

George Bernard Shaw

I've been experiencing quite a bit of change, that, to be honest with you, recently has scared me to death.

Each child growing up faster and faster.

Needing new parenting skills.

Wearing reading glasses for the first time.

New tablets for my kids.

Finding balance/trust with new tablets for my kids.

Intensity in our family's ballet schedule increasing.

Experimenting with new approaches to homeschooling.

Readjusting again our approach to homeschooling.

Shifting gears for a new blog/space.

Letting go of things that used to inspire more and pressing forward with the new.

The early morning routine--again.

Giving my kids more responsibilities and more freedoms...


I'm beginning to straighten my wobbly legs beneath me to hold on tightly to the progress that has come with much change and continue to readjust with the rest.  My, it takes courage to change.  Accept change.  And embrace it and label it "good".

Although I have been quieter in this space recently I am so very excited to be finalizing preparations for a new space online that will be launched soon.  The thing that is amazing about change and progress is that you have to look back at what you've become and the experiences you've had and thank them for the ride.  Then, with all the energy you can muster, focus dead ahead at the new.  The different.  And the future.

the sleepy time gal