being flexible...


IMG_6162 As you may have noticed on Instagram, I have four daughters in the Nutcracker this year.  FOUR!

It's been an incredible experience for my twins as they now get to do and be a part of everything they've watched their older sisters do.  Our first full week of rehearsals and performances is behind us and this week we prepare to move the ballet to the historic Hershey Theatre.

I always forget how busy life is in December with just a few kids in the Nutcracker so as you can imagine, four dancers has totally changed our December flow of activities.

For that reason, we've had to choose the most important things on our list of activities, how to use our non-Nutcracker time, and family time before Christmas.



Being flexible.

It's a phrase that is so good for me to apply in my life but, simultaneously, is so difficult to accept being a recovering "perfectionist".  It's tempting to believe that if you are flexible, you've somehow given up on what you really want.  Succumbed to less than you deserve.

One of the books I love to listen to when I need a lift is [amazon_link id="0671791540" target="_blank" ]Awaken the Giant Within[/amazon_link] by Tony Robbins.  Tony says,

"Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach."

This past year I've tried really hard to live by this quotation.  When I apply this to my life in its many categories, amazing things happen.  I may try something different in my approach to a personal goal I have.  Remove the stress I feel towards a task by adjusting how to do it.  Simplify a task.  Completely remove a task or activity if necessary.  Overall, I stop being obsessed with the "perfect approach" and focus on the overall goal.  I then outline steps towards the goal on paper that are best based on my current situation or circumstances.  It's about pulling away from "the perfect way" to discover the "best way" based on my current  circumstances.

There are a million good things I could do with my 24 hours a day this time of year.  I've decided to keep my priorities of clean ballet clothes, packed dinners, hours to do girls' angel curls, down time for me and my kids to unwind between rehearsals, and most of all, NOT RUSHING to be the foremost on our list.  I feel more peaceful about the season then if I would make myself feel pressure to "do it all".  It is a conscious decision I have to make daily, often hourly.


This morning we will be doing some Christmas baking and getting ready for our Homeschooling Christmas party that's tomorrow.  It will be a very simple party as that's the name of the game this particular season.  And the things that are super important to me (like sewing something special for each of my kids for Christmas) is on hold for a bit.  I am choosing to be flexible with the timing.  I know that many things (like shopping) won't happen until days before Christmas (once Nutcracker is over).  And I'm choosing to be okay with that.  As my girls hear me say often, "Focus on one thing at a time."


How about you?  What goals/activities do you choose to be flexible in their approach, to maintain peacefulness?

the sleepy time gal